1. Onboarding Checklist

    2. Complete your 'Getting Started Questionnaire'

    3. Download your Docs in Leadership Pre-Med Student Clarity Workbook

    1. Video 1: How did you decide to go into medicine?

    2. Video 2: How did you know medicine would be the right fit for you?

    3. Video 3: What aspects of the job do you find rewarding?

    4. Video 4: What aspects of the job do you find difficult or unpleasant?

    5. Video 5: What are some highs and lows in the day-to-day?

    6. Video 6: What types of doctors are there?

    7. Video 7: I want to be a doctor but I’m not sure what specialty. Any advice?

    8. Video 8: How did you decide to become an eye surgeon and how does it feel to operate on an eye?

    9. Video 9: How much education does it take to become a doctor?

    10. Video 10: How has medicine changed over time and what do you anticipate may change in the future?

    11. Video 11: No one in my family is in medicine. Is that an advantage or disadvantage?

    12. Video 12: I feel pressured to go into medicine but I'm not sure I want to. Any advice?

    13. Video 13: What are some challenges medical students face?

    14. Video 14: What’s it like dealing with a sick or dying patient?

    15. Video 15: From what I’ve heard med school is really demanding. How do I know if I can do it?

    16. Video 16: Is it possible to enjoy family life in medicine?

    17. Video 17: When should I start studying for the MCAT?

    18. Video 18: How can I make my application more attractive?

    19. Video 19: Is being a doctor like what you see on TV?

    20. Video 20: What is the lifestyle and salary like?

    21. Video 21: Is there anything you wish you would have known about medicine before you went into it?

    22. Video 22: Final Thoughts

    1. Complete your 'Reflections and Insights' questionnaire

    2. Download your Bonus e-copy of Dr. Ahuja's bestselling medical memoir, "Stress in Medicine: Lessons Learned Through My Years as a Surgeon, from Med School to Residency, and Beyond"

About this Program

  • More than 20 commonly asked pre-med questions answered by Dr. Ahuja
  • Student Clarity Workbook with 40+ reflection questions, and email templates for inquiries
  • Bonus e-copy of Dr. Ahuja's book, "Stress in Medicine"

Dr. Nina Ahuja, MD FRCSC CHE

Program Creator and Principal

In practice since 2003, Dr. Nina Ahuja is a surgeon, private-practice owner, award winning medical educator, national academic leader, bestselling author, certified health executive, certified emotional intelligence instructor, and founder of Docs in Leadership. Dr. Ahuja's goal is to connect with MD trainees to help them thrive, personally and professionally, by transforming them into emotionally intelligent physicians and leaders from early in their journey through medicine.

Thinking about a career in medicine? This innovative program will help guide you.

Having struggled in med school herself, Dr. Ahuja understands the challenges and stresses of medical education - how to prepare for them, how to conquer them, and how to have a successful and fulfilling career. She creates and delivers innovative programs through Docs in Leadership, an organization she founded to deliver leadership and wellness curriculum, currently gaps in formal medical education. The purpose of this program is to give Pre-Med students insight into the world of medicine, to encourage you and prepare you for a rewarding career in healthcare by guiding you on a journey of your own personal reflections.